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Hella flush Car meet at Orchard Beach

Hella flush meet at orchard beach was crazy. So crazy not only did the cops had to crash the party they brought in helicopters.


Hunts Point Car meet.

Another live event of 2013 we were apart of. Hunts point car meet.


fresh meet 2013 (kean university, union nj)

Like always another Successful turn out for the Fresh Meet crew. Filling up the huge parking lot  at kean university with vehicles of all sorts of styles makes and models  to fulfill the needs of any enthusiast. Whether your a Jdm lover, euro fan, stance fanatic or race feen. There’s a little something for everyone.  Being its a car meet rather then a car show its much more relaxed and chill since everyone is not against one another competing for a trophy. If you have not been to a Fresh Meet event already, you dont know what you are missing. Here’s over coverage. enjoy..


    Tjin Edition Came out to Show off some goodies including this sexy Chevy Camaro.



Flipzco Came out Strong with some Sick Rides.

  Autolife Tour and there futuristic builds

 Ravspec in the house

  Corey Maurer with his fresh s2000 build


  Ready set go

We Out…



Beginning of a New Era.

A New Era is upon us in the east coast.  “The NEw ERa has been On the street scene for not quite long, but already established a huge Network of Car world Lovers. What sets this movement aside from the rest is that these meets bring all kinds of car Enthusiasts, Its not your ordinary meet Whether your a jdm fan, euro, domestic, vip, street racer etc all are welcome.  Great place and Environment to hang out & chill, meet new people and see alot of nice cars. Come take a glimpse into another world.

New era CAr meet RPG

parking lot car meet . new era

new era car meet by rpgnew era car meet by RPG

Flared sexy hips


"White Widow" RPG
RPG’s “White Widow”

Sexy azz fx-35 type s on vossens

o silvia

Booty pic

Got to keep em clean

Car Night life

Then they crash the party..



Heavily Customed Out Honda Accord

This Crazy Creation was caught at a local car meet in the Bronx. From all the custom body work, interior & exterior accessories you got to respect the work put into this project.


heavily customized[gallery link="file" columns="6" orderby="rand"]


Fresh Meet Summer Bash. Kean University.

Another Killer Event brought to you by Fresh Meet.  Despite how hot it was out not even the rain could stop this event from going on.  Its not everyday you get all the heavy hitters from the tri state area and other places all together at the same place & time to show off their rides. Meets like this Show other coasts despite our Crappy roads We  still can go hard.. From Give away’s to live performances this was the place to be.

Jdm Hot dog stand on da go…

Drift CArs


Hitch on bags..



Fresh Meet Event. (Rpg Coverage.)

Today We have some Fresh to def Footage From this years Fresh Meet Event in Union Nj.   A day filled with Tons of Excitement and car enthusiasts from all sides. Its not everyday you can get Honda lovers and Vw fans together and get along.  From Low to the floor jaw dropping lip scraping tricked out cars to Big trucks & bikes this was a oasis for True car lovers.  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end so it wasn’t long till the county police department came to crash the party.. Check out the coverage and enjoy…. Every One Came out too show off there Rides…….Have you ever seen slammed remote control cars and skateboards??