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Hunts Point Car meet.

Another live event of 2013 we were apart of. Hunts point car meet.


RPG Model, JDM Queen Stefanie Gonzales. Sneek peek.

Stay tuned to see more of Stefanie in 2014!

fresh meet 2013 (kean university, union nj)

Like always another Successful turn out for the Fresh Meet crew. Filling up the huge parking lot  at kean university with vehicles of all sorts of styles makes and models  to fulfill the needs of any enthusiast. Whether your a Jdm lover, euro fan, stance fanatic or race feen. There’s a little something for everyone.  Being its a car meet rather then a car show its much more relaxed and chill since everyone is not against one another competing for a trophy. If you have not been to a Fresh Meet event already, you dont know what you are missing. Here’s over coverage. enjoy..


    Tjin Edition Came out to Show off some goodies including this sexy Chevy Camaro.



Flipzco Came out Strong with some Sick Rides.

  Autolife Tour and there futuristic builds

 Ravspec in the house

  Corey Maurer with his fresh s2000 build


  Ready set go

We Out…



Heavily Customed Out Honda Accord

This Crazy Creation was caught at a local car meet in the Bronx. From all the custom body work, interior & exterior accessories you got to respect the work put into this project.


heavily customized[gallery link="file" columns="6" orderby="rand"]



X Caliber Customs Sick Magnum. (By Rpg)

Rpg bring’s to you X caliber customs, Where they go beyond the normal and put a new style on their customization. Here is an example of one of their projects. This dodge magnum is Custom from Head to toe with Perfection.  Take a look!!

By Rpg

Big Pun Memorial. (R.p.g Coverage)

In Memory Of Christopher Rios One of Hip Hop’s most greatest Music Musicians. His impact has left such a big mark on the music industry as well as Being Role model to some, showing that with hard work anything can be achieved.


Being at the Big Pun memorial you can feel all the energy and love as People came and payed there respects, lit there candles and poured out their drinks you can tell that despite his death he lives on through our memories and his music forever.

Vraceworks Car Harlem meet. Rpg Coverage.

Sorry for the short coverage, But one thing Nypd hates is a bunch of  loud tuners crowding the streets of Manhattan. So unfortunately it was not long before the boys in blue are there to crash the party.

Harlem Meet